Sunday, September 20, 2015

Getting started my research methods module

The summer is over and although I didn't get to have a holiday as I had it in February for work reasons, I'm ready to start the last stretch of my very exciting MA in Digital Technologies for Language Teaching. We start the last semester of the course tomorrow and so I've chosen Research Methods and Telecollaboration so this is the space where I will be keeping my research journal or blog during the former module as well as during my dissertation.

My first post is about this and also about the course I'm doing with Future Learn :-) called: Developing your Research Project by the University of South Hampton. It's an 8-week course which you can do at your own time and which I started last week so I'm currently in week 2. I really like it and although I already have an MA in TESOL (Merit) and feel a little confident about my research skills, as soon as I saw the course description, that it was free and available, I didn't think twice about signing up! I enjoy the fact that the tasks are clear and interesting and that it's a good revision and reminder of things I may have forgotten ;-). Thank you Future Learn.

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